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Welcome to the Ventura County ACS/ARES Area 2 website.  Add this website to your bookmarks to stay up-to-date on Area 2 amateur radio emergency service and ACS disaster service issues.

Mission -

ACS provides backup communications services during emergencies or disaster situations. This may consist of deploying operators to Emergency Operations Centers, Special Needs Shelters, Tactical First In Teams, Damage Assessment teams, or other locations that have an emergency communications need.

ACS is the network, in Ventura County, that connects public and local communities with hospitals, fire/police departments, first responders, FEMA, other government agencies and resources when emergencies and disasters occur. ACS has working agreements, and conducts tests, with local community networks to ensure that their requests and needs can be relayed through ACS to the proper agency.

When an emergency or disaster occurs Area 2 members should:

Check that you and your family are safe and secure!

  • Monitor the Area 2 Rasnow repeater (ACS channel 2 -BOZO) and the Ventura County-wide Sulphur Mtn repeater (ACS channel 8 – Sulphur Mtn)
  • Updates on the emergency will be given at the top of the hour, 20 minutes after the hour and 20 minutes before the hour on the Area 2 repeater
  • In the event these frequencies are inoperable – also monitor the Area 2 (ACS channel 12) Simplex frequency
  • If ACS is activated by Ventura County and you can volunteer, contact the Area 2 Emergency Coordinator, or the Assistant Emergency Coordinators on the Area 2 Rasnow frequency or area 2 Simplex
  • Assignments, including which EOCs are activated and need to be staffed, and which EOC will be Net Control, will be announced on the Area 2 frequencies
  • The Grissom repeater (ACS channel 32) will be set up for non-ACS volunteer operators to contact net control



Any questions, comments, discussions, arguments, celebrations, information, suggestions, philosophical inquiries or emotional support, contact Zak Cohen N6PK Area 2 EC and designated “gofer” zcohen@ieee.org